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Hebenstreit Manfred

Altheim *1957

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Manfred Hebenstreit studied painting and graphics at the University of Art and Design Linz from 1979 to 1984. With the help of a scholarship from Galerie Bischoff he lived and worked in San José - California/US in 1990.

Between 1998 and 2000 he undertook several painting journeys and study visits and realized art-on-construction contracts. From the year 2000 he studied glass painting and thereby developed his own technique. As part of the Upper Austrian Provincial Exhibition in Peuerbach in 2010, Hebenstreit realized together with his wife Billa the 18-meter-high walk-in sculpture "Kometor". He also designed the castle park of Peuerbach. In August 2013 he taught at the Summer Academy Traunkirchen.

The contrasts between Europe and Asia occupy Manfred Hebenstreit for a long time. The painter has been travelling to India for years. There he regularly creates photos and picture series on various topics. The painter is interested in the colourfulness of the Indian festive culture with its exotic world of gods, which is why rituals and ceremonies in honour of Hindu beings have found their echo in his art.

Works by Manfred Hebenstreit can be found e.g. in the Art Collection of the Province of Upper Austria, in the Museum Angerlehner in Thalheim near Wels, in the Artemons in Hellmonsödt, in the Mumok - Museum of modern art, Ludwig Foundation, Vienna, Museum Würth, Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, Lentos Linz, Museum Passau, Museum Villa Haiss, STRABAG Collection in Vienna, Deutsche Bank, and many other private collections in Austria and abroad.