Schatz Otto Rudolf

Vienna * 1900 - † 1961 Vienna


Otto Rudolf Schatz is one of the well-known Austrian painters. His work covers a range from expressionism to Neue Sachlichkeit.

Schatz studied from 1915-1919 at the School for Applied Arts with Oskar Strnad and Anton von Kenner. 1924 he took part in a first group exhibition in the Neue Galerie Vienna. 1928 to 1938 Schatz was a member of the “Hagenbund”. 1936 and 1937 he was in New York, where he was impressed by the massive presence of architecture in this city. The New York paintings he showed after his return 1937 in the last exhibition of the Hagenbund in the Zedlitzhalle.

In 1938 the Nazis forbid him to paint, because Schatz sympathized with socialism and was married to a Jewish woman. He could not travel to USA, because he was rated as socialist agitator. He spent the years of World War II in Prag and Brünn and painted in a partly very conventional way, sometimes under a Czech name, just to be guarded. The lack of painting material in the artistic underground forced him to reduce his work to miniature formats. His pseudonyms were “Sindelar” and “O. Cervenka”. 1944/45, in the last years of the National Socialist reign, Schatz was detained in camp Bistritz.

1946 Schatz returned to Vienna. Now the influence of expressionism began to prevail in his painting. Schatz preferred landscapes and city scenes and erotic motives in his watercolours.

His works can be seen in Vienna in Albertina, Belvedere, Leopold Museum and Wien Museum.