Schiele Egon

Tulln * 1890 - † 1918 Vienna

Egon Schiele is, besides Gustav Klimt and Oskar Kokoschka, one of the most important artists of Viennese Modern Art. Already during his time at the “Wiener Kunstakademie”/Vienna Academy Schiele developed his unique expressive artistic language. Based on the art of “Jugendstil”/Art Nouveau he combined ornamental structure with broken alignments and expressive chromaticity.

Egon Schiele was born 1890 in Tulln in very humble homes. 1906 he passed the difficult entrance examination for the ”Akademie der bildenden Künste”/Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Already three years later he left there after fierce disputes with his Professor, Griepenkerl, who refused innovation in art. 1909 Schiele founded the artist group “Neukunstgruppe”, together with other young artists like Anton Faistauer and Franz Wiegele.

Schiele’s portraits, figures and landscapes often move in the thematic area of conflict in love, erotic, loneliness, live and death. Growing and fading away is a recurring theme.

1912 Schiele moved to Neulengbach, where he started a very productive period of work. This ended abruptly, when Schiele was accused of making immoral drawings and seduction of a minor. After countless exhibitions and travels Schiele split up with his long-time spouse Wally Neuziel and married Edith Harms. Schieles work with its broken tones and hard outlines was significant for the artistic language of early expressionism.