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Angeli Eduard

Vienna *1942

Eduard Angeli studied painting from 1960 to 1965 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Prof. Robin Christian Andersen. 1967 he moved to Istanbul, where he was a guest professor for painting at the Academy for Applied Arts. In 1971 he returned to Vienna. In 2005, Venice became his next residence.

Eduard Angeli has been awarded with various prizes: in 1970 he received the Theodor Körner Prize, in 1982 the Prize of the City of Vienna, in 2003 the Golden Sign of Honour for merits regarding the country of Vienna.

Angeli prefers natural painting materials, like charcoal and oil paint, he has a distrust for plastic and therefore also for acrylic paint. He creates paintings of silence, emptiness and loneliness. Angeli himself calls them "cleared out landscapes". Also his depicted facades are empty, but they are only the ostensible motif, the real theme is the human existence (Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Albertina Vienna).

The artist lives and works in Venice and Vienna. Eduard Angeli about art: "Example. Art is example, example for being human. Art doesn't change the world, but us, we become better through art."