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Gasteiger Jakob

Salzburg *1953

Jakob Gasteiger is regarded as a representative of analytical painting. In his works he questions parameters of painting and thematizes, expands and breaks through the boundaries of graphics, painting and sculpture.

The artist was born in Salzburg in 1953 and attended the Hochschule für Musik und darstellende Kunst there. His artistic work has been honoured with a large number of awards, for example the Würdigungspreis der Bildende Kunst, the Grand Decoration of Honour for Merit or as a prize winner of the Austrian Graphic Competition. 

The artist's most extensive and at the same time best-known group of works are his mostly monochrome paintings with relief-like structures, which are depicted by the use of a comb putty when applying the paint to the background. Within Gasteiger's work process, colour is not used as a carrier of content or meaning, but as a material per se. The color material serves the artist to investigate questions about color materials and the boundaries between non-color to color, of material, color and colorfulness. The comb spatula is Gasteiger's tool. It replaces the brush and makes it possible to work without personal handwriting in the sense of a mechanical process.

The artist lives and works in Vienna and the Weinviertel.