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Hauer Leopold

Vienna *1896 - †1984 Lengenfeld

The Viennese Leopold Hauer studied from 1918 to 1924 with Josef Jungwirth and Karl Sterrer at the Academy for Fine Arts Vienna. 1927 he had his first solo exhibition in the Neue Galerie Wien (Otto Nirenstein-Kallir). 1927 Arthur Roessler wrote in his essay in “Österreichische Kunst” about Leopold Hauer: “Finally one, who is not only a painter, but an artist as a painter. A creative artist with instinct and intelligence. One, who presents himself to us as a gifted and single standing artist, without immediate predecessors, …”

Since 1928 Leopold Hauer was a member of the “Wiener Künstlerhaus” and between 1949 and 1966 he was the artistic director of the “Künstlerhaus”-cinema. Together with his daughter Christa Hauer-Fruhmann and his son in law Johann Fruhmann he founded 1960 the “Galerie im Griechenbeisl”. According to Prof. Peter Baum especially the late work of Leopold Hauer is worth to pay special intention to.

1984 the artist died in Lengenfeld in Lower Austria. 2009 a retrospective was dedicated to Hauer at the Leopold Museum. Rudolf Leopold wrote in the preface of the Leopold Hauer Monograph (2009): “The world of Leopold Hauer communicates nativeness, piece and contemplativeness, that seem like a nostalgic perception in today’s overheated and agonized world. His work deserves a new evaluation, that views his comprehensive oeuvre in relation to up-to-date problems.”