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Kornberger Alfred

Vienna * 1933 - † 2002 Vienna

Alfred Kornberger was born in Vienna in 1933. His works are part of the Austrian tradition of the nude, which ranges from Egon Schiele to Alfred Hrdlicka.

Kornberger was accepted into the master class of Robin Christian Andersen at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1952. In his early works he dealt with cubism and surrealism. In his cycle "Maschinendarstellungen" (Machine Representations) he dealt with the subject of technical progress.

From the late 1960s onwards, Kornberger concentrated his work on the theme of the female body. His nudes found their parallel in the group of the so-called naturalists, who cultivated the representational figure. Among them were the sculptor Alfred Hrdlicka, as well as the painters Fritz Martinz and Hans Eisler, in a broader sense also Adolf Frohner.

Kornberger's expressive painting is colorful and very diverse. Abstract, figurative, expressive, constructive and avant-garde take off in a rollercoaster of painting. He also skilfully cultivates the seemingly obscene, a natural theme for him, which he knows how to implement with great pleasure.

The professional title of professor, awarded in 1985, is part of many awards that Alfred Kornberger has earned in his artistic life.

Kornberger's late works of the 1990s show a distinctly painterly design that incorporates elements of Expressionism, that of the Neue Wilde.