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Krötlinger Ernst

St. Pölten *1938

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Ernst Krötlinger paints landscapes, still lifes and nudes with strong and sensual, but nevertheless disciplined color schemes. He orients himself towards visible reality, takes his motives from this and presents them in a new, colorful way and in a minimalistic manner.

Influenced by the beginnings of modern art, his works are also shaped by new interpretations of reality. The depicted objects are embedded in the pictured environment, merging with it, creating an unreal spatial structure. Forms are destroyed and broken up to be reconnected to create the aesthetic Krötlinger is known for.

The artist was born in St. Pölten in 1938, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Robin Christian Andersen and Herbert Boeckl and received his diploma in painting in 1963. Krötlinger works as a self employed artist and travels to London, Paris and Zurich, Munich or Athens to visit the big art museums, among others.His works can be found in the Austrian Gallery, the State Museum of Lower Austria and in the Museum of the City of St. Pölten. Other exhibitions have taken place in the city of Salzburg or at Ernstbrunn Palace.

In addition to oil paintings, gouaches, watercolors and drawings, he also created numerous artistic designs for public and private buildings during his career.

In 1987 Ernst Krötlinger received the prize of the "Theodor Körner Foundation for the Promotion of Science and Art" and the "Jakob Prandtauer Prize" in 2005.