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Lautner Matthias

Vienna *1981

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Matthias Lautner was born in Vienna in 1981. From 2001 until 2006 he studied contextual painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Lautner belongs to a generation of young artists who, in times of the contemporary pluralism of media, have once again shifted their priorities towards the genre of painting and panel painting, with the aim of a reorientation and a re-evaluation of the artistic tradition.

His artistic formal principles are built upon a dualistic system of figuration and abstraction: on an abstract background he applies the figurative motive – portraits, images of a person’s back, animals – depicted with photorealistic objectivity. Dialogue frequently occur among these two levels and create the balance.

„My painterly and dramaturgical interests lie in the confrontation between portraits, figural images, and representational paintings. This is how I wish to emphasize the reality of my artwork: as the opening up of an opportunity to create a story. At the same time, the abstract paintings break the illusionary content of representational painting, reminding us that it is only color.“ (Matthias Lautner)

Matthias Lautner lives and works in Vienna. Since 2002 he presents his art works in numerous individual and group exhibitions in Austria.