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Thanner Billi

Vienna *1972

Billi Thanner was born in Vienna in 1972. She lives and works in her hometown and in Beijing, China. She represents a new generation of contemporary contemporary actionism, neo-actionism or inter-actionism.

Thanner devotes herself to fictional portraits of women, in which company owners, bank directors, models or sculptors talk about their work, society and being a woman. Thanner uses various media. As another form of reverse glass painting, the artist shows photorealistic but unconventional motifs in her own specific painting technique on technical soft foil. The interaction with the audience is an essential part of her work.

With the art project "No Air- No Art", which was first shown as an environmentally critical installation in 2014 at the MoCA - Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing and was shown in Shanghai at the end of 2015,  Thanner draws attention to the acute global smog problem. A message that she would like to carry to as many metropolises as possible, which is also the purpose of her action platform Billi Thanner's Art Army.