Graphic arts

Jascha Johann

Mettmach *1942

The works of Johann Jascha are momentary recordings of emotional conditions. The artist was born in Upper Austria and studied from 1963 to 1967 at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

In the 1960s Jascha draw attention to himself when he acted as a performance artist and surprised the elegant audience with screams and gestures. In the 1970s he translated his own movements into pictures. Stretched and torn creatures with dramatic and aggressive gestures dominated his drawings.

From the 1980s on Jascha abstracted his creatures. In his nervous expressive and dynamic compositions colour fields and autonomous lines join each other.

In his younger works, since the turn of the millennium, Jascha integrated impressions of his extensive journeys to South Africa, Haiti, Ceylon, Bali, the Carribean and Thailand. Thailand fascinated him, this can be seen in the high horizon, the playful lines and the bright colours.

His works can also be found in public space. He had commissions for “Kunst am Bau” – this means art in combination with architecture. 2013 he was awarded the Art Price of Upper Austria/”Kunstpreis des Landes Oberösterreich”. Jascha lives and works in Wilhering.