Graphic arts

Serient Hermann

Melk *1935

The autodidact painter Hermann Serient was born in Melk 1935. He also played jazz music.

In his works in the 1960ies he mostly showed satiric motives. From the 1970ies on he switched to more social and eco-political themes.

Hermann Serient refers to technological progress, the destruction of environment and collective denial. He also likes to depict traditions and anecdotes from rural South Burgenland. His oil paintings, that show similarity to the work of the Phantastic Realists, take an important place in his oeuvre. In the “Heanzenzyklus” from the 1970ies he raises a monument for the inhabitants of South Burgenland and their traditional habits. Serient alienates humans and landscapes, he uses the grotesque as an artistic instrument. The bizarre figures, bleak landscapes and buildings are typical for his work.

2005 the Federal State Gallery/”Landesgalerie” Eisenstadt dedicated a retrospective to Hermann Serient.