Graphic arts

Traunfellner Franz

Pöggstall *1913 - †1986 Pöggstall

In his many expressive woodcuts and graphics Traunfellner depicted motives of his direct environment. The artist expressed his impressions through reduction to the essence.

Some of Traunfellner’s teachers were the artists Leopold Blauensteiner, Viktor Müller, Walter Prinzl and Kromar von Hohenwolf, who all lived in Melk. 1940 he exhibited his works for the first time. Through Kromar he got a copper printing press for etchings. The call to military service interrupted his artistic activities for five years.

In May 1945 Traunfellner married the bookseller Käthe Renner in the Cloister Stift Zwettl .The couple went on foot their way back home to Gerersdorf. They made their living from a small farm.

1956 Traunfellner studied at the Graphical Academy/„Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt“ Vienna to learn the technique of lithography. From 1963 on he became a fulltime freelance artist. His masterly colour woodcuts made him famous. Traunfellner was a member of the Society of visual artists/”Gesellschaft Bildender Künstler”, Artist’s House Vienna/”Künstlerhaus Wien” and the “Salzburger Kunstverein”. He also was a member of the “Wachauer Künstlerbund”.

Traunfellner’s works can be found in diverse collections in the German-speaking part of Europe.