Graphic arts

Walde Alfons

Oberndorf *1891 - †1958 Kitzbühel

Alfons Walde’s perception of the Kitzbüheler and Tyrolian winter landscape of winter sport are of great importance. His nudes and still lifes were discovered later, but are meanwhile acknowledged in the same way. Also his early work, influenced by the art of Wiener Secession, of Gustav Klimt and especially of Egon Schiele, must not be overlooked.

Alfons Walde was born in Oberndorf 1891. 1910 until 1914 he studied at the Technical Highschool in Vienna. In this time, he met Albin Egger Lienz, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. 1913 Walde exhibited for the first time in Wiener Secession. From 1914 to 1918 he was in military service as an officer for the Tyrolian “Kaiserschützen” – the Tyrolian guards of the emperor.

In the mid 1920ies Walde developed the style of painting that became so typical for him. The tendency towards expressionism in the early 1920ies was followed by the realization of his own conception of painting in tectonically constructed landscapes, portrayals of the milieu, nudes and flower still lifes. Walde put snow- and winter sport motifs onto a new level of intensity and up-to-dateness. He also did poster-designs and architectural projects. 1925 he received the Julius-Reichel-artist prize from the Vienna Academy, 1955 he was granted the title of a professor. Walde died 1958 in Kitzbühel.