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Albertina Modern, 2020, Vienna © Fotostudio Andorfer

Museum works by artists of the opening exhibition "The Beginning. Art in Austria 1945 to 1980" such as Gottfried Helnwein, Arnulf Rainer, Hermann Nitsch, Markus Prachensky are offered for sale at gallery KAIBLINGER.

With the opening exhibition "The Beginning. Art in Austria 1945 to 1980", ALBERTINA MODERN offers an unprecedented overview of one of the most innovative epochs in Austrian art history. The most important positions of the first decades after the end of the Second World War are united in this comprehensive show - from Viennese Fantastic Realism to early abstraction, actionism, kinetic and concrete art, as well as the Austrian game variant of Pop Art, to the socio-critical realism so characteristic of Vienna.

The show presents a total of almost 100 artists over an exciting epoch spanning three decades.

"The Beginning" dedicates separate rooms to the great loners Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Arnulf Rainer and Maria Lassnig. Also represented are artists such as Gottfried Helnwein, Arnulf Rainer, Hermann Nitsch, Markus Prachensky and many more, whose works can be purchased at gallery KAIBLINGER.

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+++ Alf Poier +++ Art Works +++ exclusive! at Gallery Kaiblinger +++

ALF POIER, Russischer Militärvogel XL 700 s, 1998, 37 x 53 cm, touch-up pencil, acrylic on cardboard

Alf Poier is an Austrian cabaret artist, painter and songwriter. His biography as a visual artist is inextricably linked to his career as a Dadaist cabaret artist and musician.

KAIBLINGER – Gallery now offers the picturesque, Dadaistic work of Alf Poier for sale exclusively! >>>  The offered artwork includes famous and unique stage sets from Poier's awarded cabaret programs of the past 25 years, such as

„Zen“, „Himmel, Arsch und Gartenzwerg“, „The Making of Dada“, „Kill Eulenspiegel“, sowie „Mitsubischi“ und „Humor im Hemd“.

The artist Alf Poier started his exhibition work as a visual artist with an extensive and great retrospective at the Vienna Art Forum. At the same time, he began exhibiting his works elsewhere in museums in Germany and abroad. Seifert Verlag published a book on Alf Poier's painting entitled “123 Masterpieces”, which shows a cross-section through Poier's colossal artistic legacy until 2015.

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Rudolf Hausner, Adam introspektiv, 1992, acrylic and resin oil glaze on board, 117 x 77 cm

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We pay best prices for paintings - originals, no lithographs - of the following artists:

• Hausner Rudolf
• Helnwein Gottfried
• Hollegha Wolfgang

• Korab Karl
• Lassnig Maria
• Nitsch Hermann

• Rainer Arnulf
• Weiler Max
• Zadrazil Franz

And other artists of our gallery program!

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