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Bramer Josef

Vienna *1948

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Josef Bramer’s work is most enchanting through his masterly way of painting. 

Bramer grew up in Scheibbs/ Mostviertel (Upper Austria) and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, together with Manfred Deix and Gottfried Helnwein. 1971 he graduated from the masterclass of Rudolf Hausner and received the master school prize. 

His poetic work is dedicated to nature and beauty and a further focus is on the representation of “Kaspar” (a kind of Clown) in the tradition of a court jester. Like the court jester once did, Kaspar holds up a mirror to the viewer. Thereby Bramer communicates his ideas and thoughts in a subtle way. Often Kaspar appears as a stylised self-portrait with curled hair, red and green striped clothes and white toby collar.

Besides the impressions of the landscape of the Mostviertel in the change of seasons Bramer was also  influenced by his adopted home country Korfu. Bramer used oil and water colour and pastel for his paintings.