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Stadler Axel

Vienna *1943

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Gallery Kaiblinger currently does not offer art works by Axel Stadler for sale!

But we are interested in purchasing art works by Axel Stadler at any time!

Axel Stadler lives in Velm-Götzendorf in Weinviertel since 1991. After his apprenticeship as graphic designer he studied with Professor Karl Hoffmann from 1967 to 1970.

Axel Stadler is interested in objects that are inevitably exposed to the process of aging. In his fine oil paintings, he depicts decaying houses and crumbling walls, old doors with fissures, inoperable machines, rotten trees and desolate wooden fences. These enable a view into the things behind and evoke the curiosity of the beholder. The artist is also in love with landscape, especially with the soft hills of Weinviertel, the meadows and wine-cellars, a world that is still to some degree quiet, where the impact of humans is not too brutal yet.