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Casagranda Patrizia

Stuttgart *1979

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The art of Patrizia Casagranda is characterized by the expressive combination of collage, painting, and street art elements. This is achieved through relief-like surfaces made of waves, mortar, studs, and furrows on recycled materials, creating the illusion of sculptural tangibility. This impressive three-dimensionality and depth effect appears as an abstract relief up close. However, from a distance, these elements come together to form expressive female portraits.

Patrizia Casagranda was born in Stuttgart in 1979, of German-Italian descent. She graduated with honors in design in 2002 from FH Niederrhein and honed her artistic skills at prestigious art academies in Nice, Ravensburg, and Trier.

Since 2016, she has been working as a freelance artist and quickly gained international recognition with exhibitions in France, the United Kingdom, China, and most recently during the 60th Art Biennale in Venice in 2024. She spends part of the year in Northern India, where she impressively includes her experiences into her works.