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Damisch Gunter

Steyr *1958 - †2016 Wien

Within the oeuvre of Gunter Damisch the drawing is of central importance. „The drawing is not only the media that allows me to express myself most directly, it elementary and the motor of all my work, it documents my thought and work processes, here my further development can be felt the strongest, it is the inner core of my work.”

The work of Gunter Damisch was honoured with countless prizes. He studied from 1978 until 1985 with Max Melcher and Arnuf Rainer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In the 1980ies he was part of the ”Neuen Wilden", a loose group of young artists, who reacted with their expressive and colourful intense paintings to the before proclaimed death of painting. Within his considerable oeuvre, Damisch, who was a professor for graphics and print techniques at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna since 1992, created an individual iconography and mythology between figuration and abstraction.

Gunter Damisch lived and worked in Freidegg in Lower Austria.