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Deix Manfred

St.Pölten *1949 - †2016 Vienna

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Manfred Deix was an Austrian cartoonist and graphic artist. From the early 1970ies on he explored the shallow waters of the Austrian's souls as well as the taboos of society in his provoking drawings. He criticized social constraints, xenophobia and hypocrisy. Deix already made caricatures when he was a child.

His inspiration were the guests of his parent's inn, mainly farmers and workers. His pictures were obnoxious already then, nonetheless his religious education teacher gave him the chance to publish his first cartoons in the weekly church newspaper of Lower Austria. 

In 1965 Deix began his studies at the "Höhere Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt" in Vienna, where he learned together with Gottfried Helnwein, Josef Bramer and Bernhard Paul. After two and a half years he was suspended from school because of absenteeism. 
1968 he enrolled in the "Akademie der Bildenden Künste"/Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. 1975 he quit his studies without graduation.

From 1972 on Manfred Deix published his work in several magazines, like Profil, Trend, Economy, later on also in Stern, Der Spiegel, Pardon, Titanic and Playboy. He drew the advertisements for the cigarette brand Casablanca. From 1992 until March 2015 Deix published a weekly cartoon in the magazine News.

Deix was decorated with several prizes. On the occasion of Deix' 60th birthday the Karikaturmuseum Krems dedicated a retrospective to his work.