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Gepp Gerhard - Poetic Realism

Pressbaum *1940 - †2024 Tulln / Donau

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Gerhard Gepp, who lived in Pressbaum, worked as graphic designer, illustrator and painter. His pictures reflect the attempt to touch the essence of things and trigger thoughtfulness in the viewer.

Gerhard Gepp was born in Pressbaum in 1940. From 1964 to 1976 he worked as a graphic designer and illustrator (Poster Prize of the City of Vienna, Rizzoli Prize Milan) and published his work in specialist magazines in Germany and Switzerland. From 1976 on he produced drawings, gouaches and oil paintings, which were exhibited at the BAWAG Foundation in Vienna. Further exhibitions followed in Austria and Germany, as well as presentations at art fairs in Basel, Cologne and Ghent. His acrylic paintings, some of which are large-format, with surrealistic approaches, evoke thoughtfulness, which often leads to longing and melancholy.

Since 1989 he has been working on the work known as "Poetic Satire", which is characterized by subtle wit. In these acrylic works, the design follows the tried and tested principle of caricature through deformation or disfigurement, whereby the clear assignment of the figure starts to flow and opens itself up to several interpretations.

Gerhard Gepp's illustrations appeared in daily newspapers such as the Standard, Der Presse, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Der Zeit.