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Haderer Gerhard

Leonding *1951

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Gerhard Haderer is one of the most well known satiric cartoonists in the German-speaking area. Politicians, lobbyists, representatives of the church and common people are the models for his detailed and snappy drawings. His cartoons are aimed against the capitalistic megalomania, ecological destruction or catholic hypocrisy.

Haderer studied at the Fachschule für Gebrauchs- und Werbegrafik in Linz, after that he learned to be an engraver in Stockholm. Haderer's specialty are photo-realistic representations in all areas of commercial illustration and worked as graphic artist for advertising agencies.  1984 his satiric drawings were published for the first time, in the newspapers Oberdorf aktuell and Watzmann. Since 1985 his caricatures can be found in Profil, later on also in Wiener, Titanic, GEO, trend, the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten and Stern.

Since 1987 Haderer also published more than 30 books - either alone or in cooperation with authors like Peter Turrini, Elfriede Hammerl and Josef Hader.

Haderer received several prizes. 2016 the Karikaturenmuseum Krems organized his so far biggest solo-exhibition.