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Hill Lilli

* 1976 Abay, Central Kazakhstan

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With her baroque-sensual women's bodies, Lilli Hill joyously breaks today's ideal of beauty.

Lilli Hill is a Kazakh-born painter. In 1993, she moved to Germany. The artist lives and works in Berlin and Thalwil. She is best known for her painted nudes of corpulent women. While Lilli Hill chose different themes in the early years of her work, in recent time, she became mainly known for her – often unconventional, more or less graceful - nude paintings. Those paintings have remained the focal points of her work up to now.

Lilli Hill’s art always contains a lot of blatant nudity. Initially, Lilli Hill only painted herself. Floating, smoking or upside down – but always naked and accurate in every detail. Then she lost a lot of weight and therefore the nudepaintings became slimmer. This imposed a restriction on her work. Thats why today she often uses corpulent models for her paintings.

Her compositions are modern, time-critical and unveiled. Only a few canvas works are produced each year, which are highly sought after by passionate collectors in Austria and abroad.