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Hutter Wolfgang

Vienna *1928 - †2014 Vienna

Wolfgang Hutter was a representative of the Vienna School of Phantastic Realism and created worlds in which flower-ships, butterfly-girls and witches meet other poetic magical creatures.

Hutter was born in 1928 in Vienna and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts with Albert Paris Gütersloh. In 1947 at the “great Austrian Art Exhibition" one of his paintings was shown for the first time. He also participated 1959 in the first exhibition of the Vienna School of phantastic Realism in Upper Belvedere. In 1973, after Gütersloh’s death, he was recognised as Gütersloh’s natural Sohn. Together with Rudolf Hausner, Arik Brauer and Anton Lehmden Hutter is one of the most famous representatives of the Vienna School. His style very much resembles Gütersloh’s way of painting. Hutter also made tapestries, mosaics and the monumental mural “From night to day" (Von der Nacht zum Tag) in the Festival House of Salzburg. 1960 Hutter was appointed to professor for applied arts at the Vienna Academy.