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Poier Alf

Judenburg, Styria *1967

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Alf Poier is an Austrian cabaret artist, painter and songwriter. His biography as a visual artist is inseparably linked to his career as a Dadaist cabaret artist and musician.

At the age of 24 he began to use colours in an abstract manner for the first time. At that time he studied drums at the conservatory in Graz and at the same time he drummed in several dance bands, rock and funk bands. He tried to paint rhythms by recording them on music cassettes and trying to realize them in a colour expressionistic way. All the non-representational works created during this period were the expression of a holistic paradigm shift in the life of the artist.

When Poier entered the cabaret stage in 1995, he was soon considered notorious. Dadaesque objects, drawings and paintings were not least responsible for this. His first cabaret program "Heaven, Ass and Garden Gnome" was an "experimental program", which he constantly changed to try out new things. The positive reactions of the audience to his Dadaesque anti-art and his Dadaesque drawings - such as the "Transport Rabbit", the "Cat in Cross-Section", the "Deer Incarnation" or the "Egg-Dog Grenade with Two Explosive Heads" - made them a fixed component of future programs.

In Poier's second cabaret program "Zen" - for which he was awarded the German Cabaret Prize, the Prix Pantheon, and the German Comedy Prize - drawings, pictures, and objects were already influential in terms of style. Through guest appearances in many national, but also German and Swiss television shows with high ratings, Poier's Dadaesque art was presented to an audience of millions. Works like "Kami-Katze", "Border-Leiner", "Streich-Wurst", "Kater-Billa" or "Muku-Muku" reached a large public in this way.

After a touring and stage career of almost 20 years a break followed in 2014 due to health reasons. During this time Poier concentrated on the visual arts and in 2015 he received a retrospective at the renowned Bank Austria Kunstforum Vienna.

So Poier started his exhibition activities as a visual artist with a retrospective. At the same time he began to exhibit his works at home and abroad. In addition, "123 Meisterwerke" (123 Masterpieces) was published by Seifert Verlag, which traces a cross-section of Poier's colossal artistic legacy up to the year 2015.