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Zerzer Ulrike

Schwarzach/St. Veit *1979

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Ulrike Zerzer is passionate about the construction of natural, organic forms with the final material ceramics. The works are very abstract “natural forms” that can only be attributed to aesthetics.

The freelance artist calls her objects Earth Movements and within them, we see the flowing textures typical of dense materials with high plasticity when external pressure shapes them into bizarre figures.
They may be reminiscent of solidified lava flows, tectonic folding and faulting on the earth’s surface, terrestrial forces of nature and silhouettes of mountain ranges – but none of these are intended.
Once more, the concept of deconstruction may be deployed here, if what we mean by it is a thought process of progressing freedom from definitions, at the end of which lie nothing but structures and their aesthetics. 
( Peter Thuswaldner )

Ulrike Zerzer graduated from the School of Sculpture in Hallein and the University of Artistic and Industrial Design in Linz.

Her remarkable sculptures have already been presented in great exhibitions, such as the Linz State Museum, the Ceramics Trienale in Spiez, Switzerland, the Collegium Hungaricum in Vienna and the European Porcelain Industry Museum in Bavaria, Germany. Ulrike Zerzer was also represented with her extraordinary works at the renowned VOLTA Art Fair in Basel in 2023.