Graphic arts

Hundertwasser Friedensreich

Vienna *1928 - †2000 offshore in front of Australia

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Friedensreich Hundertwasser was born as Friedrich Stowasser in Vienna 1928. He lost his father early and already as a child he showed great interest and enthusiasm in drawing. His artist name derives from the meaning of "sto", which is "hundred", in Slavic languages.

In winter 1948/49 Hundertwasser attended the Academy of fine arts in Vienna for three months.

His creative urge was not limited to Austria, also during his numerous travels he made many drawings, watercolours, lithographs and japanese woodcuts. He always carried a miniature paintbox with him.

Hundertwasser was also interested in environmental protection and architecture. He initiated actions against the use of nucelar energy and campaigned for preservation of nature and animals in general.

Hundertwasser was an architectural rebel and advocated for building in a humanely way. Like his paintings and his graphic work Hundertwasser's architecture is coined by his unique artistic handwriting. 

1979 he had the chance to collaborate in an unique architectural project in Vienna, the Hundertwasser-Krawina-House. This successful building was the cause for many further commissions that followed, like Rogner Bad Blumau and the "Hundertwasserchurch" in Bärnbach as well as the municipal waste combustor Spittelau in Vienna.

The artist also wrote critical manifests and initiated public-oriented actions. He married twice and during the time of his second matrimony with a Japanese woman he created his first name "Friedensreich". Hundertwasser died 2000 on the cruise liner "Queen Elizabeth II" in front of the Australien cost.