Graphic arts

Ringel Franz

Graz *1940 - †2011 Graz

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Colourful entanglements, tight bunches of lines, violent strokes, figures and faces, associations, realities, myths – the artist records his fears and obsessions, his pain, his sadness and his passions. Ringel doesn’t paint ideas, he just colours his ghosts, wrote his friend and poet Wolfgang Bauer.

Ringel was born in Graz 1940. In Vienna he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts with Albert Paris Gütersloh. His work is expressive and colourful.

1964 Ringel exhibited at Wiener Secession for the first time, four years later with Martha Jungwirth, Kurt Kocherscheidt, Peter Pongratz and Wolfgang Zeppl-Sperl. The title of this group-exhibition was “Wirklichkeiten”, which means “Realities”. The Phantastic Realists mocked this “Deployment of the Crocodiles”/”Aufmarsch der Krokodile”, as they called the exhibition of Ringel and his colleagues, because of an allegedly lack of philosophy and political orientation.