Graphic arts

Staudacher Hans

St. Urban am Ossiacher See *1923 - †2021 Wien

“Art is freedom of the soul, freedom of space, freedom of spirit – and it is very important, that this remains so”, says Hans Staudacher. In the creative process he gives free reign to his thoughts so that they are reflected through impulsive gestures on the canvas.

The painter grew up in Villach, since 1950 he lives and works in Vienna. Between 1954 and 1962 he travelled to Paris several times and he is said to be one of the founders of Austrian Informel. His work is done in expressive gestural manner, reminding of calligraphy and testifying musical rhythmicity and spontaneity.

Hans Staudacher went to the ”Staatsgewerbeschule”/Federal Vocational School in Villach and after that continued to educate himself in autodidact manner. 1950/51 he moved to Vienna. In the beginning his work was realistic. During his stays in Paris in the mid 1950ies and early 1960ies for the first time characters, surreal quotations or diary-like notes showed up in his work. Hans Staudacher turned towards lyrical Informel, connected with scriptural elements. 1956 he took part in the Venice Biennale, in the same year the ”Wiener Secession” organised a solo-exhibition of his work. In the beginning of the 1960ies Staudacher met Günther Brus, Hermann Nitsch and Otto Mühl and he took part in public painting-actions. 1965 he took part in the Tokyo Biennale, 1975 in the Sao Paolo Biennale. 1991 his artistic work was shown in a big restrosprective in the Wiener Secession. 2003 an anniversary exhibition took place in the Vienna ”Künstlerhaus”/Artist’s House.